Organizations and accounts

You can register a user account on the /register page of our dashboard.
Register a new User
You can then login on the /login page once your account is activated (activation not needed on testnet).

Each User can join one or many organizations. An organization controls a set of stake accounts, and can have multiple members.
In this example, the organization is called "My Organization" and has an Account per client. Each client can stake on many chains with multiple wallets.
Organization view
You can manage the members of an organization, invite or delete new members.
Organization members view

A stake account is a collection of staking positions and can be used to represent one of your client for example. It can include multiple protocols. We can see the details of an Account, especially the stake per protocols and the connected wallets.
Account view
You can see the detailed position on each protocol for a Stake Account. Features like sorting, csv export and filtering are available to quickly find and extract the data you need.
Account Protocol view
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