Oracle Reports

The Operator Pool requires off-chain information to update pooling metrics like Operator Pool Shares <> ETH exchange rate, to take into account rewards generated by the pool validators.

This data is called an oracle report and is submitted by whitelisted Oracles to the Operator Pool smart contract, once every 24 hours. If all the Oracle quorum agrees on the same report, this one is processed by the Operator pool.

This means that user position values, and exit requests are processed on a 24 hours basis if oracles generate valid reports.

An oracle report consists of data like total ETH staked, total ETH currently in the protocol Exit Queue, total validators staked, total validators exited and strategy inputs to tell the pool to either accelerate user exits time or increase new validator deposits.

Using this data, Operator pool will perform multiple state transitions to:

  • deposit new validators

  • answer the exit demand in the exit queue

  • compute operator commission

  • update the Operator pool shares exchange rate with ETH to take into account new rewards

  • exit validators if needed to match the user exit demand in the pool exit queue

You can find the report data and all Operator Pool metrics on our dune dashboard.

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