Near (NEAR)

Unstake and withdraw your staked NEAR in Kiln Dashboard

Unstaking NEAR tokens is a 2 step process.

First, you must unstake the tokens that you wish to withdraw.

You can do so by clicking "Unstake" on your stake. After that you will be able to connect you wallet and unstake your NEAR.

After you have unstaked some tokens, they will be available for withdrawals in 3 epochs (~36 to 48h). After this period, you will be able to see that withdraw is available for your unstaked token. You can then click "Withdraw" and follow the same flow as unstaking.

Note that when you connect your NEAR wallet, you allow the dashboard to make contract calls on your behalf. This means that triggering an unstake or withdraw transaction will not prompt for your signature, it will use your wallet to sign and broadcast the transaction automatically. Your manual signature is required only when spending NEAR.

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