Native EigenLayer Restaking

In order to restake, you will need to whitelist the following smart contracts:

This contracts should be whitelisted alongside the staking and exiting contract for native staking in our dashboard that can be found here

Native EigenLayer Restaking - Step-by-Step

Setup in the dashboard

As shown in the demo video below, ensure you select the "EigenLayer restaking" checkbox in the ETH staking widget of Kiln Dashboard.

Step required to start restaking on EigenLayer

  1. Deploy an EigenPod. One EigenPod is needed for each wallet to manage your native restaked position. This pod will also receive CL rewards and the balance from exited validators.

    • Note: This EigenPod can be re-used for several validators.

  2. Deploy validators with this EigenPod set as the withdrawal credentials.

    • Note: it is not possible to change the withdrawal credentials of an already-live validator, you will need to exit your validator and restake on a new one to change them.

Activation period & next steps

After you sign all of the transactions you can track your position in the Ethereum overview section.

Please note that your ETH is not yet restaked, you need to wait between 8 and 12 hours for the EigenLayer oracle to see your validator on chain and to enable restaking.

Activate your restaking position

Once your validator is in the consensus layer entry queue, you're required to upload a proof to the EigenLayer contract for each validator.

In the reporting section, you will be able to see your EigenPod in status Restakable. Hover the right par of the row to display the quick action buttons, click "Restake" to start restaking.

The restake validator modal will open, connect with your right wallet and then click "Enable Restaking". Kiln's API will generate the needed EigenLayer Proofs and will prepare the right transaction to prove your validators.

Restaking - proof upload operational note

  1. Kiln's Dashboard will batch proof upload by 50 validators.

    eg. Native restaking of 2048 ETH, require running 64 validators, batching them by 50 proofs will require you to sign at least 2 transactions to complete restaking.

  2. You will need to follow the same to restaking more validators in the future.

Delegate your EigenPod to Kiln

You can delegate your EigenPod by clicking on the Delegate action button on the EigenPod. You will be able to see the status updated and the active validator, in our case Kiln.

Congrats, you have now natively restaked, and your validator is helping secure EigenLayer AVSs and earning corresponding rewards.

To go further, you can explore the EigenLayer Reporting documentation and the EigenLayer Withdraw flow.

Behind the scenes

To restake an Ethereum validators on the EigenLayer platform, the withdrawal_credentials address of the validator are set to an EigenPod Contract address. EigenPod is a contract deployed per restaker address, one address = one pod maximum. This is all handled by the Dashboard.


Please visit the below page for FAQs about EigenLayer:

EigenLayer FAQ

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