The Open Network (TON)

Stake TON with Kiln Dashboard in a few clicks!

On the /stake/ton page of the dashboard you can check staking information about the network and stake your liquid TON as well as your TON in a vesting contract in a few clicks with an intuitive onboarding.

Kiln currently uses single nominator contracts in order to provide non-custodial staking to their users. For more information on the mechanics of TON please refer to this page

Staking liquid TON using Fireblocks

In order to stake liquid TON go to /stake/ton and select the amount to stake as well as the single nominator pool address you'll be staking with. Single nominator pools should be pre-deployed by Kiln (Contact your CSM in order to get this setup).

Prior to staking the account used to stake must have done any transaction before staking in order to be activated. If your wallet is new please make a small transfer of TON to any address in order to activate the account. If this step is not done the transaction will fail.

Fireblocks is currently the only supported option to stake TON via the Kiln Dashboard. See how to do so in the below video demo:

Once you have setup your Fireblocks Vault, you can use your credentials to stake TON using your Fireblocks Vault.

Staking TON from a vesting contract

If you are the owner of TON in a vesting contract, you have the ability to stake your locked TON from the contract to a single nominator pool. The conditions for this to be possible are:

  • You must be the owner of the vesting contract

  • The single nomination pool owner must be the vesting contract address

  • The single nomination pool address must be whitelisted on the contract. This is to be done by the vesting contract sender (the wallet that created the contract).

Fireblocks Raw Signing Notes:

Some notes about Fireblocks raw signing: due to technical limitations in Fireblocks API, the connection goes through Kiln's Fireblocks proxy

  1. No Fireblocks account information or associated secrets are stored within any of Kiln's services, including our dashboard

  2. We have ensured that no logs capture this sensitive data

  3. The operational design guarantees that these secrets are transmitted directly to the Fireblocks API, without any interim storage

  4. Please note that upon reloading the dashboard or selecting the 'disconnect wallet' option, the system terminates access to any Fireblocks-related information

Device approval

Please note that while we can sign transactions using the Fireblocks API, the reporting capabilities on your approval device are incomplete until this asset is fully supported by Fireblocks.

Expect to see only the metadata added by the dashboard in the transaction request.

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