Liquid restaking

Restake your liquid-staked assets to the EigenLayer smart contracts to earn additional rewards by extending the cryptoeconomic security of the Ethereum network to AVSs.


Liquid restaking is fully managed by the EigenLayer contract, Kiln is providing a user-friendly alternative Dapp to interact and track your Eigenlayer position side by side with your native ETH staking position.

EigenLayer liquid restaking

Liquid restaking is the process of depositing liquid staking tokens (LSTs) into the EigenLayer smart contracts. At this time, the protocol supports the following LSTs:

  • cbETH, osETH, ETHx, wBETH, stETH, rETH, ankrETH, oETH, swETH, mETH, sfrxETH

The protocol plans to support additional liquid staking tokens in the future. If you would like to introduce your LST to the EigenLayer community, please do so on the forum.

Service fees

Kiln is currently not charging service fees on AVS rewards when delegating to kiln's operator.

📙Kiln's liquid restaking flow

You can initiate liquid retaking in a few clicks from Kiln's dapp liquid restaking page.

Here is a video of the process :

1. Select your LST and amount to restake

  • You can restake the following LSTs into EigenLayer pools via the Kiln dApp:

cbETH, osETH, ETHx, wBETH, stETH, rETH, ankrETH, oETH, swETH, mETH, sfrxETH.

  • Choose the LST to restake, and enter the amount you want to restake.

2. Delegate to Kiln's Operator

Kiln's EigenLayer Operator will be selected, featuring all of the currently supported AVSs that this operator is validating. By delegating to Kiln's operator, you will secure all major incoming AVSs that will distribute points and rewards in the next couple of months.

If you wish to select another operator, you can unselect this option, and delegate to another operator throw the EigenDapp later on.

In the case you already delegated to an operator, you will also need to approve a transaction to undelegate your assets, your total restaked balance will be set into pending restaked balance and will not generate any AVS rewards for a 7-day undelegation period, after this you will be able to delegate them to Kiln's operator directly in your portfolio page, or from this same page.

3. Restake

Click on "Restake" to finish the process, it will trigger from 1 to 3 transactions to be signed by your wallet and you can track it in the UI.

Token ApprovalDeposit callDelegate call

If this is your first time depositing a token on EigenLayer, you'll need to Approve token spending before you can restake. Token Approval gives a dApp permission to move the specified token from your wallet.

Depositing the selected amount of LST on the Eigenlayer contract.

Delegate the selected amount in LST to the selected EigenLayer AVS operator.

🔂 Every time you are depositing an amount > at your previous deposit

🔂 Every time

1ī¸âƒŖ Only first time delegating to Kiln's Operator

You can find the details of all of the contract interactions you will need to perform in the 🔒 security > under liquid restaking section.

đŸ–Ĩī¸ Reporting

Monitor, and manage your position from Kiln's Dapp Liquid restaking portfolio page. Keep track of your points and withdraw your LSTs.

EigenLayer reporting

In this section, you can find details about your EigenLayer balance, the points you generated, and the operator you are delegating to.

Available balance, delegate

This tile is only visible if you have a redelegatable balance > 0.

Represent the total amount in LST available to withdraw or delegate to an operator.

Click "Delegate" to delegate and get redirected to the operator delegation section.

Liquid restaked balance

Represent the total amount of liquid staked ETH restaked to an EigenLayer Operator. This value may vary slightly from what EigenLayer displays, as Kiln utilises on-chain data for enhanced precision.

Restaked points

Restaked points measure your contribution to the shared security of the EigenLayer ecosystem. The points are a measure of your staking contribution over time.

EigenLayer Operator

This tile is only visible if you delegated to Kiln's operator

Show Kiln's operator if you are delegated to it and the list of all the AVSs you are restaking to.

Restaked position

List your restaked LST grouped by token, you can see the amount restaked and the point generated by each LST you deposited.


The last section of the portfolio allows users to initiate withdraw requests and track their status.

Liquid restaked balance & Request withdraw

Represent the total amount of ETH equivalent that you can request to withdraw.

Click "Request withdraw", it will require you to select the LSTs you want to withdraw, once your transaction is approved, the selected amount will go throw a 7 day withdraw queue. You can keep track of your request and when your LSTs are available in the withdraw request table bellow.

Stakers will NOT earn fees (or rewards) during the escrow period when payments launch and will not continue to accrue restake points while the selected amount is in the withdraw queue.

During the escrow period their stake continues to secure AVSs (and slashable when slashing launches) and is still considered in operator delegations until fully withdrawn.

Pending balance

only visible when there request pending in the withdraw queue.

Represent the total amount of ETH equivalent in the withdraw queue.

Available balance & withdraw & restake

Represent the total amount of ETH equivalent of your LSTs that finished the 7-day withdraw queue and that you can withdraw to your wallet.

Click "Withdraw" to receive the total withdrawable balance in your wallet balance.

Click "Redelate" to get redirected to the operator delegation page and top up your existing operator with the available amount.

Withdrawal requests table

In this table you will be able to see:

  • the type of request, which can be either undelegate or withdraw

  • the requested_at with the date and block of the request

  • the amount requested

  • the withdrawable_at with the date and block of the request, displaying a green ready badge when available.

Please note that once you withdraw completely a ready request, it will not be shown anymore in the table.


What is EigenLayer restaking?

Read more about EigenLayer and Kiln here.

What are the fees for restaking?

Right now there are no fees when depositing and restaking your LST. You are free to withdraw at any time.

You still pay gas fees for the deposit and withdrawal transactions.

What happens when I restake my LST via Kiln?

With Liquid Restaking, the LST tokens are transferred to EigenLayer smart contracts. The tokens are held in the smart contracts and you can withdraw at any time.

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