Celestia (TIA)




Stake activation time



Enabled on the Kiln validator through the AuthZ module. See guide.

Unbonding time

21 days

Rewards Distribution

Rewards are distributed block-by-block

Active Set

Top 100 by Voting Power


Yes, the specifics about slashing are discussed here, focusing on enforcing penalties on validators who attest to or produce invalid blocks. The data availability sampling is used as a mechanism of the light clients to enforce the slashing of the committee of the validators.

Staking workflow

How does staking works?

On Cosmos Chains such as Celestia, token holders choose a validator to delegate a select amount of tokens to. The delegator initiates a delegation transaction, which involves locking their tokens in a smart contract. These tokens are then counted towards the validator's total stake.

What is the staking process?

After the delegation has been initiated, TIAs are changed to validator shares of the validator you delegate to.

Do funds move out to another wallet?

Staked TIAs are not part of the balance anymore, but they don’t go to another address.

Can I keep staking/unstaking from/to the same wallet?

Yes, you can increase the staked amount or unstake part of it at anytime.

Can I select how much of my wallet balance I want to stake?

Yes, you select the amount of tokens you want to stake to earn rewards.

How does auto-compounding work?

In the Cosmos Ecosystem, auto-compounding is possible through a module called Authz, that allows granting arbitrary privileges from one account (the granter) to another account (the grantee). Through Authz, delegators could grant Kiln's wallet to claim rewards and stake them back to the Kiln Validator. This grant can be revoked at any time.

How do I unstake?

You can unstake by unbonding your funds. After you initiated the process:

β€’ You stop receiving staking rewards

β€’ It will take 21 days for the amount to be liquid

β€’ But you will be able to cancel the unbonding process anytime, as this chain currently supports the function

Can I unstake part of the staked balance?

Yes, you can select the amount of tokens you want to unstake (this takes 21 days).

How is my balance computed at epoch N for the rewards distribution?

The balance computed at block N for the rewards distribution is the balance at block N.

What is the slashing risk on Celestia?

Downtime: During a block window (5,OOO blocks) if a validator signed less than 75% of the blocks, he will get jailed for 1 min but will not incur a slashing penalty. No rewards can be earned during that jail time. Double signing: When a validator attests to two different blocks, it will face slashing. Stakers who have delegated to the slashed validator will incur a slashing penalty of 2% and the validator won't ever be able to earn rewards again. Delegators will have to redelegate to another validator in order for their stake to earn rewards again.

How is commission paid?

Commissions are paid to the validator at the same frequency than the reward distribution (every block).

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