Stake from Safe {Wallet}

AssetStake via UIStake via API

Ethereum (ETH)



EigenLayer (ETH + LST)


ETH Staking via Kiln's Safe dApp

Use this method for a permissionless experience and if you want to pay commissions automatically on-chain (using Kiln On-chain).

  1. Access your Safe{Wallet} at

  2. Navigate to the β€˜Apps’ in the left hand menu.

  3. Search for β€˜Kiln’.

  4. In the Kiln app, specify the amount of ETH you want to stake, and click β€œStake”.

  5. Confirm the transaction(s) within your Safe{Wallet}.

  6. Once the transaction has been approved, your validators begin activating.

  7. Monitor your validators’ progress and rewards in Kiln dApp at "Dedicated > Validators".

Follow the UI to stake in a few clicks. Here is a demo video:

EigenLayer Restaking ETH + LST

What is EigenLayer restaking?

Read more about EigenLayer and Kiln here.

Liquid Staking Token (LST) Restaking

Restaking of LSTs with EigenLayer is available via the Kiln dApp.

After this time, all LST deposits will again be paused.

Native ETH Restaking

Restaking of native ETH will be available in the Kiln dApp at the end of February 2024.

How to stake liquid staking tokens (LSTs)

  • In the Kiln dApp go to "EigenLayer > Restake".

  • You can restake the following LSTs into EigenLayer pools via the Kiln dApp:

cbETH, osETH, ETHx, wBETH, stETH, rETH, ankrETH, oETH, swETH, mETH, sfrxETH.

  • Choose the LST to restake, enter the amount, and click 'restake'.

  • Approve the transaction(s)

What are the fees for restaking?

Right now there are no fees for simply depositing and restaking your LST. You are free to withdraw at any time.

You still pay gas fees for the deposit and withdrawal transactions.

What happens when I restake my LST via Kiln?

With Liquid Restaking, the LST tokens are transferred to EigenLayer smart contracts. The tokens are held in the smart contracts and you can withdraw at any time.

How to view restaked positions

You can see an overview of all your restaked positions at "EigenLayer > Portfolio"

Restaking rewards

EigenLayer deposits will not yet receive any staking rewards. When EigenLayer is launched on mainnet (expected March / April 2024), users will have the ability to redelegate their LSTs to receive additional rewards.

Restaking points

By depositing your LST to the EigenLayer pools you will accumulate restaking points, reflecting your contribution measured by the staked ETH amount over time.

Unstaking and withdrawals

You can request to unstake your LSTs at any time.

All funds unstaked from EigenLayer go through a 7-day escrow period before being able to be withdrawn. After you initiate the withdrawal, you must wait 7-days before being able to withdraw your assets.

To unstake or withdraw, go to "EigenLayer > Withdraw" to initiate the unstake process.

Staking via using Kiln Dashboard and WalletConnect

Use this method if you are an existing Kiln B2B customer and are OK with being invoiced regularly. This experience is available on mainnet at and on testnet at

To stake Ethereum held in a Safe multisig:

  1. Go to Kiln dashboard, click stake -> ETH. When asked to connect wallet select wallet Connect.

  1. Copy the URL from the wallet connect prompt that appears

  1. Go to your Gnosis Safe apps screen with the wallet you want to stake with and select Wallet Connect

  1. Paste the URL from the Kiln Dashboard in the Wallet Connect App on Gnosis Safe

  1. After the wallet is connected return to Kiln Dashboard to select the amount to stake and initialize the transaction

  1. Submit the transaction for it to be initialized in your workspace

  1. Finally approve the transaction in your workspace with the required quorum for that account

Stake via API

This is possible using Kiln Connect and the Safe Transaction Service API. Get in touch for Kiln to guide you through how to do this.

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