Cosmos (ATOM)

Stake ATOM with Kiln Dashboard in a few clicks!

Auto-compounding of your staking rewards is available for ATOM, please visit these instructions on how to enable it.

On the /stake/atom page of the dashboard you can check staking information about the network and stake your ATOM in a few clicks with an intuitive onboarding.

Select the Account you want to stake on, the amount of ATOM you wish to stake and connect your wallet to stake!

Stake with Fireblocks

Fireblocks is currently the only supported option to stake ATOM via the Kiln Dashboard.

Once you have setup your Fireblocks Vault, you can use your credentials to stake ATOM using your Fireblocks Vault.

Some notes about Fireblocks raw signing:

  1. Due to technical limitations in Fireblocks API, the connection goes through Kiln's Fireblocks proxy

  2. No Fireblocks account information or associated secrets are stored within any of Kiln's services, including our dashboard

  3. We have ensured that no logs capture this sensitive data

  4. The operational design guarantees that these secrets are transmitted directly to the Fireblocks API, without any interim storage

  5. Please note that upon reloading the dashboard or selecting the 'disconnect wallet' option, the system terminates access to any Fireblocks-related information

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