Here is a list of common issues and potential solutions for users of the dashboard.

I can't find when will happen the next skimming event on one of my ETH stakes

In the Ethereum validator table in the reporting page, you can hover the reward amount on each line to see the estimated next skimming date and amount for each of your validators.

Dashboard not displaying the latest total amount staked and total rewards earned in the overview

The total amount staked and rewards values are cached and updated daily. In the case you can't see the latest amount staked in the total amount. You can check when was the last update performed by placing your mouse over the "Refresh" button.

To force the refresh of these numbers to the current time, click the "Refresh" button. If the last updated time is not getting updated or if the issue persists contact your Kiln support team.

NEAR WalletConnect connection issues

In order to connect a wallet, users need some tokens on the wallet they are trying to connect prior to connecting their wallet. It is not possible to connect a NEAR wallet without NEAR on the wallet for example.

This is the error users get when connecting a wallet with 0 NEAR on it:

Signing and sending transactions with Fireblocks

When signing and sending transactions, they may fail for different reasons:

  • Users have not enough balance to pay for gas fees.

  • Users have misconfigured their Fireblocks TAP rules so they cannot sign transactions (the transaction then shows as "Blocked by policy" within Fireblocks).

    • Please follow this TAP guide from Fireblocks.

    • If you are using the Fireblocks Raw Signing API, get in touch with the Kiln support team for your TAP setup guide.

    • Also note the Kiln batch deposit contract address on Ethereum here.

  • There is an issue with the RPC used, in this case please

    • Retry, there are intermittent issues due to the underlying provider or blockchain.

    • Contact your Kiln support team if the issue persists.

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