Ethereum (ETH)

Stake ETH with Kiln Dashboard in a few clicks!

On the /stake/eth page of the dashboard, you can check the staking information about the network and stake your ETH in a few clicks with an intuitive onboarding.

Select the Account you want to stake on, the amount of ETH you want to stake (must be a multiple of 32ETH) and connect your wallet (either web extension wallets or via WalletConnect) to stake!

After a popup will appear providing you with these informations:

  • Gas fee: an estimation of the gas fee, calculated by multiplying the contract's gas limit with the current gas price (0.14 GWEI).

  • Entry queue time: an estimation of the entry queue time provided by our API.

Stake with Browser Extension wallet

Metamask and other browser extension wallers are currently supported in Kiln Dashboard. You can also connect a Ledger Nano to one of these wallets to stake with it.

Stake with WalletConnect

For EigenLayer restaking using Kiln Dashboard, visit this page:

Native EigenLayer Restaking

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