Pooled Staking

Kiln Pooling staking mainnet smart contract address in Ledger Live is:


Do not interact with other addresses.

Pooled Staking on Ledger Live

Staking pools provide an opportunity for users to stake amount of ETH and receive a proportionate share of the rewards. This is particularly beneficial for Ethereum staking because it allows individuals who do not possess the required 32 ETH to still participate and earn rewards.

Staking fee

Kiln takes full responsibility for managing and operating the validator on your behalf in return for a fee. The current fee for this service is 12% of total pooled rewards.



What are the risks of staking?

Staking is not risk free.

Read our detailed overview of staking risks here.

Why do I see "staking pool is not supported in your country or region"?

The staking pool is not available to all countries or regions. Please check the 'terms and conditions' of the Kiln dapp via Ledger Live for the latest updates and service availability.

Is there a minimum & maximum stake allowed?

When staking via Ledger Live, 0.05 ETH is the minimum stake amount but keep in mind that when staking small amounts, gas fees could exceed your stake and potential rewards, making it less cost-effective.

There is no maximum requirement in the pool, allowing you the freedom to stake any amount of ETH you desire.

How to stake in Ledger Live
  1. Connect a wallet

  2. Before staking, read and fully understand the 'terms and conditions' and product documentation to ensure you are familiar with how the product works

  3. Enter the amount you wish to stake and follow all the on-screen prompts.

Is there a bonding period when staking in the pool?

The value of staked positions are typically recalculated daily. If the pool already has active validators generating rewards, you will need to wait for up to 24 hours for the calculations to reflect the changes in the value of your stake.

What happens after I stake my ETH?

You always receive a soulbound token in your wallet that represents your staked position and withdrawal rights.

The token symbol is psETH and it can viewed in your wallet using a block explorer such as Etherscan.

Can I transfer or trade the staked position soulbound tokens?

No, these are non-transferable and are only used to represent the ownership of your staked position, including withdrawal rights.

Pool Rewards

What is the reward rate of the pool?

The current rate is not a guarantee of future performance.

The reward rate is the trailing 7-day average rate of the pool, inclusive of fees. It is updated daily.

It represents the annualized percentage of rewards generated by all pool validators in relation to the total staked amount.

Staking fees are automatically deducted from rewards generated by the pool.

How does the pool generate rewards?

Validators are created based on the ETH being deposited into pool, and these validators generate rewards.

All consensus layer and execution layer rewards from validators supporting the pool are returned to the pool and compounded. This means the rewards received are used to create more validators in the pool.

These validators work in exactly the same way, and run in the same infrastructure, as the validators that are created for stakers engaging in native staking (32 ETH, dedicated validators).

Are rewards compounded?

Yes, all rewards generated by validators are returned to the pool and compounded, allowing for more validators to be created.

Are the validators in the pool MEV-enabled?

Yes, we use all of the relays that are listed here so there is a cross section of max profit, ethical and regulated.

Receiving Rewards

Are rewards automatically sent to my wallet?

No, rewards are not distributed directly to your wallet.

Instead, staking rewards accrue to your staked ETH position automatically, so the value of that position increases inline with rewards generated by the pool and proportional to your stake.

How long does it take to receive rewards?

The value of staked positions are typically recalculated daily at 12h30 UTC (14h30 CET). If the pool already has active validators generating rewards, you will need to wait for up to 24 hours for the calculations to reflect the changes in the value of your stake.

How often do rewards accrue to staked positions?

Individual staked positions are typically recalculated on a daily basis at 12h30 UTC (14h30 CET) after an oracle report is submitted.

How do I see the current value of my staked position?

Go to the 'Rewards' tab and scroll down to 'Pooling' and find 'Staked balance'

How do I see the rewards my stake has received?

Go to the 'Rewards' tab and scroll down to 'Pooling' and find 'Total rewards'.


Can I partially withdraw my stake?

Certainly, you can withdraw any amount up to and including the current value of your stake.

How do I withdraw my staked ETH?

Under normal circumstances, the withdrawal period can take anywhere between 1-5 days.

To begin the process, you need to β€˜request an exit’ from the β€˜Rewards’ tab.

Once that has been processed and fulfilled, you can withdraw your ETH from the same tab.

Withdrawal Process

How does the withdrawal process work?

Withdrawing ETH from the pool is a three staged process:

  1. Request exit

  2. Wait for your request to be fulfilled

  3. Claim your ETH

Request exit

  • Wait for your request to be fulfilled

    Withdraw your ETH

    • When your ETH is available, you will need to perform a 'claim transaction' during which the NFT will be burned in exchange for the ETH.

    • Go back to the Kiln dapp in Ledger Live and click 'Rewards'.

    • Click 'withdraw' and follow the on-screen prompts to approve the transaction on the Ledger device.

What are the Kiln withdrawal NFTs?

Your withdrawal request is represented by an NFT and automatically generated when you make a request. You can also add it into your wallet.

When your ETH is ready to claim and withdraw, the NFT is burnt in exchange for the ETH.

Can I transfer or sell the NFT?

No, the withdrawal NFT is a soulbound token and cannot be transferred.

Withdrawal Time

How long does it take to withdraw from the pool?

All exit requests are typically processed daily at 12h30 UTC (14h30 CET), so it can take up to 24hrs for your exit request to be processed.

The pool uses available validator rewards for withdrawals. If demand exceeds supply, validators are exited programmatically alongside future rewards. This may result in longer withdrawal times, depending on the validator exit queue length.

Under normal circumstances, the withdrawal period is estimated to take between 1-5 days.

What factors affect the withdrawal time?

The pool smart contract utilizes available ETH received from validator rewards and deposits to facilitate the withdrawal process, and if demand for withdrawals exceeds the supply, the pool will programmatically exit validators to help meet the demand.

Depending on the length of the validator exit queue, this can lead to longer withdrawal times.

  • Ethereum (Beacon chain) validator exit queue: when the pool needs ETH by exiting validators, it must wait for the full protocol exit and withdrawal process. This is a variable time depending on the number of validators trying to exit at the same time.

  • Staking and withdrawal demand: the pool uses rewards and deposits to help service exit requests faster. If the demand for exits exceeds the supply and validators must be exited, this can add additional time.

  • Timing of exit request and next oracle report: oracle reports are processed once per day and at a high level, the reports allow for calculation of rewards earned, processing of exit requests, validator activation/exit. For example, If you request an exit 1 minute after the oracle, you must wait 24hrs for the next report to acknowledge that request.

Rewards analytics

How can I access my pooling rewards outside of the Ledger Live dApp?

There are two ways to do this:

  1. query on the ledger live contract https://etherscan.io/address/0x5DB5235b5C7e247488784986e58019fFFd98FdA4 the view function balanceOfUnderlying(addr) where addr is the address of your wallet to get the ETH amount of the staked position

  1. use our public The Graph endpoint with this query https://query.thegraph.kiln.fi/subgraphs/name/vsuite/graphql?query=%7B%0A++erc20S%28wher[…]++++totalUnderlyingSupply%0A++++totalSupply%0A++%7D%0A%7D (replacing 0x8411Daa13eb8312c0F9b725F6f00E4D76cd7C558 with your wallet address) and do sharesBalance * totalUnderlyingSupply / (totalSupply * 10^18)

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