Aptos (APT)




Stake activation time

2 hours

Stake lock-up time

2 hours



Rewards frequency

Every epoch (2 hours)



Active set

Validators with min 1M APT staked


No automated slashing currently implemented in the protocol.

Relationship between validator stake balance and rewards

Linear. The more stake balance there is on the validator, the more rewards it will earn.

Staking workflow

How does staking works?

Aptos uses an owner-operator-voter model for staking. This model enables the creation of delegations and staking services by separating the account that holds the funds from other accounts responsible for managing those funds, such as operators and voters. This separation ensures that delegations of responsibilities can be made securely, without compromising the safety of the funds held in the account.

Owner: When someone creates an account on the Aptos blockchain, they become the owner of that account and the funds it contains.

Operator: An operator is the validator operator. The Owner can delegate the management of their funds to the Operator. The Owner can assign the accounts operator address to the Operator allowing for the account to participate in transaction validation on the chain.

Voter: The Owner can designate a Voter to participate in governance. The voter will use the voter keys to sign the governance votes. Traditionally, voter privileges are assigned to the Operator.

What is the staking process?

To start earning rewards, you will need to add your stake to the delegation pool

Do funds move out to another wallet?

Tokens do move out of your account but your accounts remains the only one that can operate an unstaking function. This enables you too keep the custody of your funds while they earn rewards.

Can I keep staking/unstaking from/to the same wallet?

Yes, you can increase the staked amount or unstake part of it at anytime.

Can I select how much of my wallet balance I want to stake?

Yes, you select the amount of tokens you want to stake to earn rewards.

How do I unstake?

You can unlock stake at any time. However, the stake will only become withdrawable after the delegation pool's lockup period expires (0-30 days). Unlocked stake will continue earning rewards until the stake becomes withdrawable.

Can I unstake part of the staked balance?

Yes, you can select the amount of tokens you want to unstake. The minimum amount to unstake is 10 APT.

How is my balance computed at epoch N for the rewards distribution?

The balance computed at epoch N for the rewards distribution is the balance at the beginning of epoch N-1.

What is the slashing risk on Aptos?

Currently, slashing is not implemented on Aptos.

How is commission paid?

Staking rewards are auto-compounded. The commission is paid when delegators unstake their positions.

How can I get testnet tokens?

You can request some here.

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