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Discover the Kiln product suite that makes it easy to provide entreprise-grade staking to your customers.
Kiln is a staking platform you can use to stake directly, or whitelabel staking into your product.
We enable you or your clients to stake crypto assets, manually or programmatically, while maintaining custody of your funds in your existing solution, such Fireblocks, Copper, or Ledger.
In these docs, we will take you through how to do all that.
Happy integration, and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Product architecture

Kiln's familly of products
  • Kiln Dashboard enables you to stake in 1-click, monitor your rewards and manage your team and organisation accounts. We can provide you the source code for the dashboard to help you provide a similar experience to your users.
  • Kiln On-Chain facilitates the integration of Ethereum staking, and provide fully on-chain automated rewards and commission management.
  • Kiln Connect enables you to programmatically manage your staking accounts, craft staking and unstaking transaction, sign and broadcast with your custody, and pull rewards and monitoring data for each stake you made. Kiln Connect is validator-agnostic, meaning you do not need to stake with Kiln Validators to benefit from it!
  • Kiln Validators are the base of our platform, running and securing the network on all the blockchains we support.
Note that Dashboard, On-Chain and Connect are validator-agnostic, meaning they are compatible with your in-house or 3rd party validators.
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