Kiln docs

SDK setup

Different setup steps needed to start using the Kiln Connect SDK. Contact [email protected] should you have any feedbacks / questions.

Install the SDK

The Kiln Connect SDK is only available in TS/JS for now, if you have other programming language requirements, please contact the support.
# using npm
npm install @kilnfi/sdk​
# using yarn
yarn add @kilnfi/sdk

Retrieve Kiln API key

Create an application on your Kiln Dashboard, and retrieve the given api key.
Create an application on your Kiln dashboard
Copy your Kiln API Key

SDK Configuration

You can configure the SDK with you Kiln API token and custodian information.​
import { Kiln } from '@kilnfi/sdk';
const fs = require('fs');
const apiSecret = fs.readFileSync(__dirname + '/fireblocks_secret.key', 'utf8');
const k = new Kiln({
testnet: true,
apiToken: 'kiln_xxx',
integrations: [
name: 'fireblocks',
provider: 'fireblocks',
fireblocksApiKey: 'xxx',
fireblocksSecretKey: apiSecret,
vaultAccountId: 'vault-account-id'
rpcs: { // will be replaced by Kiln rpcs if not specified
ethereum: 'url',