Cosmos - Auto-compound a stake

This page explains how to auto-compound your stake on some Cosmos Chains. If you are wondering if a specific chain has support for auto-compounding, please refer to its page in the "Protocol" section

How to make an auto-compoundable stake through

Prerequisite: Ability to manage your account through Keplr or Leap. If you already have an active staked position and wish to enable it to auto-compound, go straight to [7].

  1. Go to and Connect your wallet

  2. Search for the Cosmos Hub Network

  3. Search for the Kiln validator (or "Interop", on OSMO, EVMO and QCK)

  4. View Kiln's Validator and click on stake

  5. Click on Delegate

  6. Once you have selected your desired amount, Click on Delegate and approve the transaction on your wallet

  7. Once the transaction has gone through, Click on Enable

  8. Select an amount and expiry date

  9. Click on Enable Restake and approve the transaction

  10. Congrats, you have sucessfully delegated to Kiln's validator and Kiln will be able to compound your rewards until the expiry date you have chosen

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