Here is a list of common issues and potential solutions for users of the dashboard.

NEAR WalletConnect connection issues

In order to connect a wallet, users need some tokens on the wallet they are trying to connect prior to connecting their wallet. It is not possible to connect a NEAR wallet without NEAR on the wallet for example.

This is the error users get when connecting a wallet with 0 NEAR on it:

Signing and sending transactions with Fireblocks

When signing and sending transactions, they may fail for different reasons:

  • Users have not enough balance to pay for gas fees.

  • Users have misconfigured their Fireblocks TAP rules so they cannot sign transactions (the transaction then shows as "Blocked by policy" within Fireblocks).

    • Please follow this TAP guide from Fireblocks.

    • If you are using the Fireblocks Raw Signing API, get in touch with the Kiln support team for your TAP setup guide.

    • Also note the Kiln batch deposit contract address on Ethereum here.

  • There is an issue with the RPC used, in this case please

    • Retry, there are intermittent issues due to the underlying provider or blockchain.

    • Contact your Kiln support team if the issue persists.

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