Unstake, re-delegate and withdraw your DYDX rewards in Kiln Dashboard


You can unstake DYDX by simply clicking "Unstake" on your stake. After that you will be able to connect your Fireblocks Vault and unstake your DYDX.

Please keep in mind that the unstaked DYDX becomes unbonding and you will need to wait for 30 days before you can use those DYDX again.


Re-delegating an DYDX stake can be useful when you wish to move your staked DYDX to a different validator without waiting for the 30 days unbonding period happening when unstaking.

This can be done by selecting "Re-delegate" for a DYDX stake on the dashboard and specifying a new validator.

Withdraw rewards

You can withdraw your available DYDX rewards, by selecting "Withdraw rewards" on the dashboard. After that you will be able to connect your Fireblocks Vault and withdraw your DYDX rewards.

Bridge DYDX-USDC rewards to Ethereum

Limitations with some wallets

In some cases, you may not be able to directly move the DYDX-USDC rewards earned from your staking activities. To address this, you can bridge your available USDC balance from the dYdX chain to any Ethereum mainnet address directly from Kiln Dashboard.

Using the Noble Bridge

This bridging process leverages the Noble bridge, which is recommended by the dYdX Foundation and Circle.

Step-by-Step Bridging Process

  1. From the Dashboard, under the DYDX section, click on the "Bridge USDC" button above the stakes table.

  2. A modal will appear and guide you through the following three steps:

    • Transfer USDC from dYdX to your wallet on the Noble chain.

    • Burn USDC on Noble via the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol developed by Circle.

    • Mint USDC on the Ethereum mainnet to the address of your choice.

By following these steps, you can successfully bridge your DYDX-USDC rewards from the dYdX chain to the Ethereum mainnet, allowing you to access and utilize your funds more effectively.

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