Operator delegation

Delegate your restaked balance to Kiln EigenLayer Operator and earn additional points and rewards distributed by majors AVSs (Autonomous Validator Sets).


Delegating your restaked balances

Delegating your Restaked balance is the process of assigning it to an Operator. As a Restaker, you'll receive points and rewards distributed by the AVSs (Autonomous Validator Sets) that your chosen Operator runs. It's in your best interest to select an operator like Kiln's with the best performances and all major AVSs supported from day one.

Delegation Basics

Here are the key things to know about delegating:

  • You can only delegate to one Operator at a time.

  • You must delegate all of your available Restaked balance to a single Operator. Including both your native and liquid restaked balance.

  • Native Restaked tokens must be fully Restaked and proven on-chain before they can be delegated.

  • If you've already delegated to an Operator, any new stakes will automatically go to the same Operator.


  • You can request the undelegation from your current operator at any points

  • Initiating an Undelegate transaction will also automatically queue a withdrawal (Unstake) of your funds. The Undelegate and Queue Withdrawal transactions are combined due to the security architecture of EigenLayer smart contracts.

  • Undelegating from your current operator takes 7 days, during this period, you will not earn any AVS points or rewards.


You can delegate your restaked balance in a few clicks from Kiln's dapp operator delegation page.

0. Review your available restaked balance

From Kiln's Dapp, you will be able to see the amount of native restaked ETH and liquid restaked ETH, that you can delegate to an operator. If you don't see your balance in this section, it means that your funds are either pending undelegation from another operator or that your validators are not yet restaked.

1. Delegate to Kiln's Operator

Kiln's EigenLayer Operator will be selected, featuring all of the currently supported AVSs that this operator is validating. By delegating to Kiln's operator, you will secure all major incoming AVSs that will distribute points and rewards in the next couple of months.

Click on "Delegate", then review and sign the delegation transaction, that will delegate your restaked balance, both liquid and native restaked assets to the selected operator.

In the case you already delegated to an operator, you will also need to approve a transaction to undelegate your assets, your total restaked balance will be placed in the withdraw queue for a 7 days escrow period. (see native restaking or liquid restaking for more information) Once available you will see these assets in the withdraw section and you will need to delegate them to Kiln's operator directly from the operator delegation page.

1bis. Re-Delegate to Kiln's Operator

In the case, you already delegated your EigenPod to Kiln's operator but you had some native or liquid restaked assets in a withdraw request. (After undelegating from another operator for example)

Using the Operator Delegation page you can (re)-delegate what you have available so that your total restaked balance generates AVS rewards.


Can I delegate my restaked balance to multiple operators ?

No, this mean that both your liquid and native restaked balance will be delegated to the selected operator.

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