Deposit Flow

Send any multiple of 32 ETH and become owner of your dedicated Ethereum validators.

The deposit flow of Kiln On-Chain dedicated products is straightforward: user sends any multiple of 32 ETH, either via a transfer or contract call transaction, to the Dedicated Staking smart contract and becomes owner of dedicated validators.

During this deposit transaction, the Kiln smart contracts deposit on validators previously registered by the Operator of the contracts the user staked on. User funds end up deposited and segregated on dedicated validators.

Anyone can verify that the validation key deposit data registered by the Operator in the Smart Contract are configured properly (correct signature and withdrawal credentials for example) before depositing, making the flow as trustless and transparent as possible.

The case of Validator NFT (vNFT)

If the vNFT mode is enabled in the Integration Contract, user receives in exchange for its deposits an NFT (ERC-721) token representing the ownership of its dedicated validator.

The holder of this vNFT is considered as owner of the validator it represents, and can withdraw its rewards or unstake it. This token can also be traded, lent or sold.

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