đŸĨŠStaking Interactions

This page provides an overview of the various contract interactions when staking.

The examples below when calling smart contract functions (e.g. stake()) are done using cast,a cli tool, only as an illustration of how the transactions or view calls should be performed.

All of the contract calls below are for: Liquid20C, Liquid20A & Native20 contracts

Getting started

Integrating Kiln into native workflow will require a mix of smart contract calls and TheGraph queries:

  • Smart contract

    • Our smart contract ABI's can be found here and the contract address will be provided by Kiln once it is deployed.

  • The Graph

    • Use the credentials provided by Kiln if using the public instance, or your own credentials if you are hosting your own instance.

Summary of all available actions

ActionHow to...Description
TheGraph query

Get the historical reward rate of the pool (last week, month, 3 months, 6 months, All Time).

contract call

Stake any amount of ETH into the pool.

TheGraph query

Get a list of all deposits / stakes made from a wallet

Current value of stake(s)

contract callTheGraph query

Get the current underlying value of a wallet's staked position. Includes original stake + accrued rewards.

TheGraph query

Get the historical reward rate of the wallet's staked position.


contract call

Initiate an exit (or unstake) of a wallet's full or partial staked position.

Unstake status

TheGraph query

Get the current status of a wallet's exit request.

Withdraw unstaked ETH

contract call

Claim unstaked ETH once the exit request has been fulfilled.

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