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User experience

Before diving straight into integrating, think about the user experience and all the key workflows you should consider as part of your integration. Here is a non-exhaustive list to help plan your user experience.

Discovering ETH staking

  • Feature in 'Earn' dashboard or integrate into existing workflows.

  • Emphasize ETH staking as a new product for heightened awareness.

  • Clearly display the reward rate for informed user decision-making. It is not static.

Staking ETH

  • Set a practical minimum (e.g. 0.1 or 0.05 ETH) to avoid the staking tx costing more than the stake itself.

  • Alert users if the cost of the transaction is high relative to the amount being staked

  • Clarify if users must read and accept your Terms and Conditions.

  • Consider displaying estimated rewards based on the current reward rate, as some integrators do.

  • Provide users with an estimate of when their stake begins earning rewards.

  • Include a link to the 'staking request' transaction on Etherscan for transparency.

Viewing staked position(s)

  • Display the user's staked ETH amount and current value

  • Consider showing historical reward data e.g. yesterday, last week, last month

  • Simplify 'stake more' or 'unstake' options for user convenience.

Request unstake

  • Enable users to request full or partial unstake.

  • Highlight that unstaking may take several days; the ETH is not immediately available.

  • For each exit request, show users an estimate

  • If unstaking too early, caution about potential network fee implications.

  • Include a link to the 'unstaking request' transaction on Etherscan for transparency.

Withdrawing unstaked ETH

  • Display 'unstake request' status and estimated time.

  • Alert the user to the fact that they have ETH to be claimed.

  • Include a link to the 'claim ETH' transaction on Etherscan for transparency.

Managing maintenance mode

  • Think about how you handle the integration contract being paused?

  • Stakers will not be able to stake (transactions will revert), so it's better to think about how to gracefully handle these situations before they happen.

Example workflow designs

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