Pooled Positions

When a user stakes, it receives Integration shares which grow in value as staking rewards are generated by operator pool validators.

Users interact with the Smart Contract of their integrator and deposit their funds in it. Funds deposited inside the Integration Contract are staked on one or multiple Operator pool.

This creates flexibility in how an Integrator wants to structure its staking offering, for example:

  • Single node operator, with 15% end user fee

  • 3 Operators, with a 10 / 40 / 50 % deposit repartition and a total of 17% end user fee

During the staking transaction, user receives Integration shares, these represent the pooled position of the user inside the Integration Contract.

The Integration Contract holds Operator Pool shares, representing their positions in each operator pool contract.

The Integration Shares can either be ERC20 (cToken or aToken), a soulbound ERC20 (not transferable) or an ERC1155 token, depending on the Integrator choice during the Integration Contract setup.

An Integration Share value is determined using the underlying value of each operator pool share it is composed of.

As Validators earn rewards regularly, the operator pool shares value will increase in time and make the Integration Shares of the user grow in value as well.

Integrator and Operator commissions are computed by the smart contracts based on the total supply of shares and total underlying supply of staked ETH, making the process seamless for the end user, who always deals with net values.

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