Audits & Bug Bounties

Kiln aims to provide a secured and enhanced experience of staking through the different Kiln On-Chain smart contract platforms.

On-Chain products have been audited multiple time by various security firms and are under exhaustive monitoring and security practices to limit security risks as much as possible.

Kiln On-Chain Dedicated Staking v1



Security firmAudit linkScopeDate

not available

July 21st 2022 March 15th 2023

July 22nd 2022

July 27th 2023

not available

July 21st 2022 March 15th 2023

Bug Bounty

A $1M Immunefi Bug Bounty is live since 21 August 2023. All bug reports must come with a working PoC impacting asset listed in the "Assets in Scope" section of the program which only addresses smart contracts.

Kiln On-Chain Platform ("v2")

Security firmAudit linkDate

Audit report is available upon request here.

July 27th 2023

Kiln Operator Infrastructure

Kiln is SOC 2 Type I and SOC 2 Type II certified and has been undergoing multiple penetration testings and audits from third parties.

Certifications and audits reports are available upon request here.

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