Kiln docs

Solana (SOL)

Staking mechanics

Stake activation time
1 epoch (~ 2.5 days)
Stake lock-up time
1 epoch (~ 2.5 days)
Re-delegating activation time
1 epoch (~ 2.5 days)
Active set
No automated slashing currently implemented in the protocol. Can be done by a manual action from the community.
Relationship between validator stake balance and rewards
Linear. The more stake balance there is on the validator, the more rewards it will earn.

Staking workflow

What is the staking process?
Each new stake creates a Stake Account (which is like a sub-wallet) with your wallet set as withdrawer. This Stake Account is delegated to a validator.
Do funds move out to another wallet?
Yes, funds are moved to a Stake Account created & owned by your address.
Can I keep staking/unstaking from/to the same wallet?
Yes. You can create multiple stake accounts from the same wallet and deactivate them independently. You can deactivate an account and add more SOL on it before re-activating it.
Can I select how much of my wallet balance I want to stake?
Yes, you select the amount of SOL to send to a stake account when you create it
Can I unstake part of the staked balance?
You can split a stake account to 2 stake accounts and deactivate + withdraw only one of them. This way unstaking only a precise amount from your existing stakes. Deactivate is an operation that takes 2.5 days (1 epoch) and allows you to stop a stake account from staking to make it withdrawable. The flow to unstake a stake account is:
  1. 1.
    1 tx to deactivate it (2.5 days)
  2. 2.
    1 tx to withdraw it (instant once 1 is done)


Historical Mainnet Performances

We have been live for more than a year with:
  • 99.5% Uptime
  • Performances above network average and foundation criteria:
    • <33% Skip rate
    • >70% Correct voting

Kiln validator

The following links provide performance insight on our Kiln validator:
Average APY
Average rewards