Kiln docs


A desktop version of Kiln Connect
If you want to use Kiln Connect manually rather than programmatically, Kiln Desktop is here to help you. For each staking action supported by Kiln Connect, a UI helps you to craft the transaction, sign and broadcast it.
Kiln Desktop is a desktop application available on both macOS and windows computers.
The code is open-source, you can find it here.

How to use it ?

First you need to download it. To do so, go the release section and select the lastest one.
If you are using a windows computer, download the `.exe` file. If you are using a macOS computer, download the `.dmg` file.
Then double click on the downloaded file to automatically install Kiln Desktop.
Launch Kiln Desktop, you are now ready to craft any staking transaction supported by Kiln Connect.
If you have any problem or feedback, go to the support section.