Kiln docs

Reporting API

Fetch Rewards per Account, Wallet or Stake.
Kiln Connect includes a reporting API for all supported protocols. The API is accessible via the SDK and via the REST API from the language of your choice.
This page recaps the semantics of the API, please use the sidebar to see protocol-specific specs.
Note that all dates are formatted with RFC3339 in UTC timezone. Token values are in atomic values (gwei, lamports etc.) for better precision.
Rewards and Stakes can be queried per stake identifier (ex: public validator key on ETH, stake account address on SOL), per Kiln Account id or per wallet address (used to make the stake).


Returns the 'all time' view for a given stake account, validator, or wallet. Includes all rewards earned, with breakdowns by type and the APY earned.
GET /v1/eth/stakes?validators=0xa,0xb
GET /v1/eth/stakes?wallets=0xa,0xb
GET /v1/eth/stakes?accounts=id1,id2
"data": [
"validator_address": "...",
"state": "ACTIVE",
"activated_at": "...",
"balance": "32120000000",
"consensus_rewards": "",
"execution_rewards": "",
"gross_apy": 6.625,
"effective_balance": "32000000000",
"deposit_tx_sender": "...",
"fee_recipient": "...",
"withdrawal_credentials": "...",


Returns rewards data for a specified time period / epoch range.
GET /v1/eth/rewards?validators=0xa,0xb&start_day=&end_day=
GET /v1/eth/rewards?wallets=0xa,0xb&start_day=&end_day=
GET /v1/eth/rewards?accounts=id1,id2&start_day=&end_day=
"data": [
"time": "2020/05/12",
"consensus_rewards": 12,
"execution_rewards": 12,
"gross_apy": 2,

Network stats

GET /v1/sol/network-stats
"data": {
"network_gross_apy": 7.2,
"nb_validators": 1457,
"supply_staked_percent": 75.2