Native EigenLayer Restaking

In order to restake, you will need to whitelist the following smart contracts:

This contracts should be whitelisted alongside the staking and exiting contract for native staking in our dashboard that can be found here

You can natively restake ETH with just one click using Kiln Dashboard!

Demo video

As shown in the demo video below, ensure you select the "EigenLayer restaking" checkbox in the ETH staking widget of Kiln Dashboard.

Behind the scenes

To restake an Ethereum validators on the EigenLayer platform, the withdrawal_credentials address of the validator are set to an EigenPod Contract address. EigenPod is a contract deployed per restaker address, one address = one pod maximum. This is all handled by the Dashboard.


Please note there are 2 steps 1 - exiting your ETH validator, this can be done from Kiln Dashboard 2 - claiming your ETH from your EigenPod. Currently this can only be done from (we are working on Dashboard support)

To unstake your restaked validator, please follow the usual flow described here (i.e either Kiln Dashboard or pre-signed exit messages):

pageEthereum (ETH)

Once your validator has exited, the funds will go to your EigenPod. You can then claim them from by connecting your wallet (WalletConnect is supported).

If you are using Fireblocks, you will need to whitelist your EigenPod address and the DelayedWithdrawalRouter address. Get in touch with the Kiln team if you need help on this.


Please visit the below page for FAQs about EigenLayer:

pageEigenLayer FAQ

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